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Brief description

Footstool made from mahogany or rosewood with scroll ends and turned rails, with modern silk upholstery. It is thought to have been manufactured in England and to date from c.1820.

Object name


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Production date

c.1820 (manufactured)

Production place

England (manufactured)


Georgian (1714-1837)





Physical description

Footstool in mahogany or rosewood with scroll ends linked by baluster turned rails and full sabre feet. It is upholstered in modern blue silk.


Height: 24.5cm
Width: 38.5cm
Depth: 24cm

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Object history note

The footstool was re-upholstered in blue silk by Albert E. Chapman Ltd in 1995.


Adam Bowett, independent furniture historian, examined this object on 2nd March 2009.

He described the object as a small mahogany framed footstool dating from c.1820 with scrolled ends linked by baluster turned rails and on short sabre feet. It was re-upholstered with grey-blue silk with a blue and white gimp in the 1990s.

He commented that this stool is in the sabre-leg Grecian or ‘modern’ style of the Regency period, and was probably made some time between 1810 and 1830.

He analysed the construction in detail. All of the frame rails are made of beech. The rails are tenoned into all four legs and are braced across the corners with open beechwood braces housed in slot mortises. This footstool has mahogany legs which extend above the rails to scrolled terminals which are drilled to receive the dowel ends of the turned rails or handles. The upholstery is tacked and webbed in the usual manner across the tops of the rails.

Assessing the condition he noted that the frame is sound and apparently untouched. The mahogany is poor quality and is soft and pale. All the surfaces are covered with a coloured, possibly shellac based varnish. There is some distress to all the surfaces and corners consistent with everyday wear and tear.

He commented this is a poor quality stool made using cheap materials. Three of the seat rails show wood sap and/or bark on the inner faces. There is an indistinct ink inscription on the underside of one side rail and there is also evidence of an older number.

A full transcript of notes from this examination is available on the object's history file and as a digital asset.


Label text, Geffrye Museum, date unknown:
Footstool, rosewood, with scrolled ends, c1820, upholstered in modern silk.
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