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Brief description

A glazed earthenware teapot with lid in pattern 'Sun' on shape 'Stonehenge', designed by Eve Midwinter and manufactured by Midwinter in 1973.



Object name


Object number


Production person

Midwinter, Eve (designer)

Production organisation

W. R. Midwinter Ltd (manufacturer)

Production date


Production place

Burslem (manufactured)



Physical description

The teapot body has a stone coloured ground with tiny speckled brown marks throughout. The form is circular at the base, and cylindrical, it is wide at the base, then the line of the body narrows with flat conical shape to a narrower cylindrical neck. An open loop handle joins the top of the neck, from the end of the conical section. The closed spout is placed on the conical section, is upward pointing, tubular, narrowing to a curled lip. The lower cylindrical body has a design of two concentric bands, in yellow/orange glaze, separated by a thick irregular line of brown glaze which 'bleeds' slightly onto base, and upper conical section. and bordered with a darker brown irregular line, above and below, which fills the entire body area. Marked on base.

The lid has a stone coloured ground with tiny speckled brown marks throughout. The form ismcircular at the base and cylindrical, with an overhanging flattened dome shaped top and hollow on the inside. The top has a large orange glazed irregular circle outlined with a narrow irregular brown matt glaze line. The edge of the dome area has a border of 3 concentric lines, the top and bottom are in brown the middle in yellow. Each line is irregular. Mark on inside.


Exhibition text, source and date unknown

The style of everyday tableware is always changing. Unlike fine china which is often purchased as a wedding present and lasts a lifetime, everyday tableware is replaced more frequently. New shapes, colours and patterns are introduced by designers and manufacturers to attract us to their products.

When surveyed across the 20th century, tableware provides a remarkably clear picture of the main developments in style and taste. The designs echo the changing styles in domestic interiors, and reflect the ways in which social and domestic conventions evolve.
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